5 Things to do for Your Birthday

June is a special month for me and millions of other good people who were born at the best time of the year! ..:) It’s the mid-point of the year and as such we are more likely to benefit from family and friends still having money to celebrate our birthday and the opportunity to make last minute changes with respect to our personal goals. At this time in my life, I am looking forward to tweaking my 2012 goals and dreams. By the way, you may want to read my post, How to Make the Best of 2012!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here are five things that I am going to do for my birthday and I suggest that you do as well;

1. Give thanks to my source. Today, it’s not too popular to be spiritual but since I read the news and studied science I think that it only makes sense to acknowledge God. My first exercise would be to give thanks to the Father for graciously allowing me the opportunity to live, to build relationships, to grow (even from mistakes and pain), to achieve part of my purpose and most importantly to dream. Many persons my age are dying prematurely and as a result it’s a blessing to be alive. Even the complexity of the universe confirms that He must be the foundational key to our existence.  I’m thankful for life!

“Do you know the laws of the universe?    Can you use them to regulate the earth?” Job 38:33, NLT

2. Make a major assessment of my accomplishments for 2012. A New Year means that I just lost another 12 months of my life and we all know that time cannot be replaced. I want to know how I managed and leveraged the time available to me. One of the many interesting facts about life is that we all have the same number of hours in a day. Although we may think that some successful people have an unfair advantage, the truth is that in many cases they capitalized on the same 24 hours per day that we had. Check out Michael Hyatt’s post on Creating an Annual Time Clock

3.Re-commit to every dream in my heart. The amazing thing about birthdays is that people tell you a lot of great things about yourself that you would never hear about until the next 12 months. Of course, you sometimes wonder if it’s all true but for simplicity, believe it! I think that the energy that comes with the celebration of life is one of the best times to leverage personal passion. Maybe you have run ‘cold’ on that idea, business or mission but you can use all the great reviews you’re getting about your potential as a mental/emotional/spiritual energy boost. Thank you in advance to all the nice comments on my social networks, I’ll use them to push harder. Let’s all tell the world, ‘I won’t be defeated!’

4. Refuse despair. I have seen several people become depressed on their birthdays. In fact, I remember being very sombre on a couple of my life celebrations as well. Those times I was focused on the money that I didn’t have, the dreams that didn’t make sense and the mistakes that I couldn’t forgive myself for. If you have been like me in the past then take my advice……dump it! It’s your birthday and even if you made it to this special day with some cuts, bumps, bruises or scars then you should celebrate because you’re stronger than you realised. You may have cracked under the pressure of life but you didn’t die.

“I  will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” Psalm 118:17, NIV

5.Do nothing! Yes, after giving thanks, reflecting, recommitting to goals and rejecting despair, I will do nothing that requires any other significant effort. No work, no chores, no strategising. Here’s where friends, family and loved ones come in and get spontaneous! A birthday is always a good time to relax, so doing nothing is a great way to end it.

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  1. Bird says :

    Happy birthday!

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